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Nov 12, 2019    
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Mariposa Newsletter August 2006
By David Swank

Committment to Excellence

Dyanclaim for Claims Websites

Hi Everyone,

It has been quiet the past month, as David and Scott finally took a long vacation to the UK , including Ireland , and we took some time off from sending out this monthly newsletter. We had a wonderful time meeting all the staff from Lucas and Associates in Ireland and pounded way too many Guinness and ciders . If you ever get the chance to visit Ireland, you must go.

Back at the farm, there have been a few changes that you should know about. David Swank is back again as the CAT Manager for another year. When you are called to a CAT everyone will fill out the new Mariposa contract and forms, even if you filled some of this out earlier in the year. If you have a new address, email, phone, or cell phone number that has changed this year, we need to know about it. Please forward to

Arnie Williams came on board with Mariposa the first week in June and has just been promoted to the Commercial Claims Manager position with Mariposa. This is an update to our June newsletter. Arnie will be responsible for the development of Mariposa commercial accounts and will work closely with adjusters handling those files. If you have commercial background in casualty and liability claims, please contact Arnie via email at Mariposa has several new Carrier accounts that need your expertise.

Toni Kerns from our home office is expecting a baby third week of August (Congratulations Toni and Ryan!) . She will be working from home for a few weeks after Kylie arrives. Over the past month, Christine Ferguson has been helping out part time, learning the ropes in the corporate office and will be going to full time when Toni has her baby. Christine has a lot of customer service background and she will be instrumental in assisting Erin Chandler with claim invoices and general day-to-day responsibilities. Please welcome Christine to the team. Her email address is

Special Offer- Mariposa has reached an agreement with to provide our adjusters with Sprint Wireless Data Connection cards. Catastrophe adjusters rely on this service to access the Internet while on the road and from any location within the nationwide Sprint PCS network. E-Claim is a Sprint Business Solutions Partner and has secured a special pricing arrangement for Mariposa adjusters.

Details of the special offer are as follows:

- Free connection card (after mail-in rebates - normal price is $249)

- $59.99/month for unlimited use

- 30 day free trial (return for full refund)

- Free Meter-Man rolling measuring tape ($60 value)

- Requires a 2 year service agreement ($200 early termination fee)

Orders will be processed same day and delivery is 2 business days. To order your card, please visit and click "Order". To qualify, you must select "Email" for the referral source and type "Mariposa" in the "Other" field.

In addition to the wireless data cards, E-Claim can also handle your cellular subscription service and equipment needs. If you have any questions about this offer, or about Sprint's services (including coverage questions), please call Eva Tregle at 985.518.7757 or Thomas Brown at 850.855.7012.

New Developments -Mariposa has set up a phone dialing system that will automatically generate a phone call to your phone number. This system will be implemented during storm season for standby purposes. You will get a call from Mariposa for a storm standby and will need to indicate your interest in standby status. If you agree to be on standby, you will then get a call and or email for deployment. The system will recognize voice mail, but if you receive a voice mail message from Mariposa for standby status it will be up to you to contact the Mariposa office to confirm your status with the company. See the Adjuster Help line below. We cannot use this service with cell phones due to variant messages that come from the cell phone providers. The call will go to your home number registered with Mariposa. With the first major storm, you will likely also receive a standby email notice as well.

Technology investment continues at a brisk pace as Mariposa continues to lead the industry with its Best in Class Service. Mariposa has now activated an auto claim entry system which will auto accept the claim from the Carrier and enter that information automatically into the Mariposa Claims Management System. This will include uploading the claim documents such as the Loss accord and DEC page. Mariposa can then view the claims as they are batched to the system and quickly assign files in zip code or by city to adjusters with a click of a button. After the assignment , an auto phone call is generated to the Insured informing them that their claim has been received and provides the Insured with the name and phone number of their adjuster. Then the file will be auto time/date/stamped with the first call allowing some breathing space for the adjuster to get back to the Insured with their own first call (within 24 hrs of receiving the claim) . This addition to the claims management system should dramatically reduce the complaint incoming calls from the Insured to the Carrier and enhance the services being provided to the Carrier. Also this year, The Carrier have Call Center User access whereby calls coming to the Carrier from the Insured can be handled through the Mariposa Claims Management System, giving instant answers to the Insured regarding the “status” of the file, reducing the number of unnecessary calls and emails to Mariposa, the adjusters and to Clients.

Mariposa Review Process- All of our Carriers have indicated how much they appreciate the Mariposa claim review. Why? Because the Carrier can, with confidence, actually close the claim without adjustments and changes on their end, which are costly and take up unnecessary time at the examiner level. The Mariposa Review Process is just one component in the claim cycle that defines Mariposa from all the other adjusting companies. Adjusters deployed will receive extensive field guidelines, review guidelines and field instructions. A Mariposa reviewer will be assigned to a group of adjusters. They will maintain the work and review of the same adjusters through the life of the storm. Adjusters who have more than 3 file revisions will have their fee reduced by 5%. The same will apply for adjusters who do not comply with the guidelines when repeatedly requested to follow the directions but do no follow through. Notes pertaining to the file are the lifeblood of the Mariposa Claims Management System. Adjusters who do not provide notes, updates and contact information will either have their fees reduced or be asked to leave Mariposa. We are letting you know now about some of the systems that will go into place with the first storm. Many of you who have worked with us already understand. Many receiving this newsletter have not worked for Mariposa. We want you to be successful in the field, which is why we provide you with the tools and information to make that happen. In addition we have a Carrier CAT Liaison for every Carrier and we have a designated CAT Manager and a Review Manager. Pay attention to the guidelines and you will be tremendously successful with Mariposa.

Error & Omissions Insurance- Beginning with the first storm deployment, E&O insurance will be mandatory for every Independent Adjuster handling claims for Mariposa. Prior to receiving claims, you will be requested to show proof of insurance or you can get onto the Mariposa insurance program. The cost is $200.00 and it will be deducted from your first paycheck. This will cover Mariposa claims adjusted by the IA who signs the Mariposa IC Agreement for a period of one year. Proof of Mariposa insurance and coverage is available upon request.

Housing/Lodging Contacts- Mariposa has contracted with Intercontinental Hotels for a contract discounted room rate. This will allow Mariposa adjusters to go online to book discounted catastrophe rates at almost 200 Stay bridge Suites and Candlewood Suites locations. The site will give the individual adjuster the ability to secure individual reservations of less than 9 rooms at a time, the discounted catastrophe rate and confirmation number very quickly. This would also be a great opportunity for the adjuster to extend the discounted rate to policyholders in need of temporary housing. When deployed, please go to and put in the Mariposa Corporate ID 100213274.

Klein & Co - Nationwide Temporary Housing for Policy holders and Catastrophe Teams. Hotels, houses, apts, mobile homes, motor homes and houseboats. Call 1-800-208-9826, email or contact Mary Schuster 414-482-2780 and be sure to mention you are a Mariposa Adjuster.

Be safe and have an outstanding year.

David Swank and Scott Lenz
Mariposa Insurance Adjusters

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