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Senior Administrator
Posted: 7/24/2001 2:15 PM


Forums - Member Administration
Forums - Member Information

To Register as a Forums User

From the Forums Home page, click the Register Icon. The next screen displays four text boxes for entering your registration information Handle, Email, Password and Confirm Password.
Type in a name you would like to be known as in the Handle text box.
Type in your email address in the Email text box.
Type in a password that you wish to use for accessing the forums in the Password text box and again in the Confirm text box.
Click the Register button. The next screen will return you to the Forums Home page.

To Login

Click the Login Icon. The screen displays text boxes for entering your Handle and Password.
Type in the handle and password that you entered on the Registration page. The next screen displays all forums currently in operation.

To Edit Your Profile

Your profile contains some information that is viewable to other users of the Forums when they click on your handle. To add to or update your profile:

Click the Edit Profile icon. The next screen displays all information that is currently in your profile -

Prefix Shown in front of your handle, such as Mr., Mrs., Dr., Ms., etc.

Prefix Color You can change the color of your prefix by making a selection from the drop-down list.

Board Email The email address you entered when you registered. If you do not wish to be contacted via email by other Forums members, you may leave this field blank.

Board Password Change your password by removing the existing one and typing in a new one. This information IS NOT available to other members.

Text Signature Type in a line of text that will show up under your replies each time you post a new topic or comment. (quotes, business name, slogan, etc.)

Graphic Signature This is the name of the current graphic that is displayed each time you post a new topic or comment.

Graphic Signature File Choose a graphic file to be displayed (or change the current one) by using the Browse button to locate a graphic file on your computer drive.

Message Display Layout Choosing the condensed option will show only the topics listed under a message board. Choosing the expanded option will show all topics and its replies.

Make desired changes and/or additions.
Click the Update button. The next screen displays confirmation of your profile updates.

To Logout of the Forums

You can sign out of the Forums immediately by using this option. For example, if you use more than one handle or different members of your family have their own handles, you may want to log on using an alternate handle, without having to completely leave the Forums.

Click the Logout icon. The next screen displays the Forums Home Page.

Log back on using an alternate handle by clicking the Login icon.

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