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Jun 03, 2023    
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Diseases and Illnesses
About eColi
The term E. coli is an abbreviation for the bacteria Escherichia coli.
About Hepatitis
Hepatitis A Hepatitis A is one of five human hepatitis viruses that primarily infect the human liver and cause human illness. (There are many other viruses that can inflame the liver when infect us more generally.) The other known human hepatitis
Profound Health
The premier online health and wellness portal. Learn about men's and women's health, nutrition and fitness, and various conditions and disorders through our range of articles, links, publications and resources.
Campylobacter jejuni (Pronounced "camp-e-low-back-ter j-june-eye") was not recognized as a cause of human foodborne illness prior to 1975. Now, the bacterial organism is known to be the most common cause of foodborne illness in the U.S.1 (Salmonella
Listeria monocytogenes Listeria monocytogenes is a pathogenic (disease-causing) bacterium that is food- borne and causes an illness called listeriosis.1 It is frequently overlooked as a possible cause of illness due to its unique growth capabilit
Salmonella In 1885, pioneering American veterinary scientist, Daniel E. Salmon, discovered the first strain of Salmonella from the intestine of a pig. This strain was called Salmonella choleraesuis, the designation that is still used to describe
Shigella The Shigella germ is a genus of bacteria that can cause sudden and severe diarrhea (gastroenteritis) in humans. Shigella thrives in the human intestine and is commonly spread both through food and by person-to-person contact. A Japanese

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