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Apr 18, 2021    
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Legal Research
American Law Source On-Line
American Tort Reform Association
Founded in 1986, the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) is a broad based, bipartisan coalition of more than 300 businesses, corporations, municipalities, associations, and professional firms who support civil justice reform.
Resources for starting and running a small business
CA - State Law
Cornellís Legal Information Institute
Council on Ethical Billing
A nonpartisan alliance committed to furthering the highest levels of ethical standards and practice for legal representation within the insurance industry.
Discovery Resources ( is the only online resource portal solely focused on delivering the latest legal news, events and information on electronic discovery.
Emory Law Library
Florida Supreme Court Opinions
HALT (legal reform)
Legal reform movement
LA - Judicial Information
Links to State and Federal Courts, Clerks of Courts, and State and Federal Legal Resources.
LA - Supreme Court
Includes opinions handed down by the court as well as information on court handling of cases and the schedule of court hearings.
Law Bulletin Jury Verdicts
LegalTrek - Explore the Universe of Legal Research
LegalTrek is the newest, most complete and up-to-date collection of FREE legal research sources available on the Web! Comprehensive lists of Federal, State, & Local sources compiled in easy to use subjects and indices.
Library of Congress
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Resource for legal assistance
lawyer directory and other law related resources
Parent rights in regard to California schools
Tenant Net
Resource for residential tenants

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