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May 18, 2022    
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Dyanclaim for Claims Websites

C2Track Claims Management System


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Software - Claim Management & Processing
CSMCo Emergency Mgmt Software
A software developer with web based emergency related systems currently operating within the State of California and on the national level.
American Technical Services
Axim Systems
1st Report of Injury
Benefit Software
Software for wc case management
CCC Information Services
Collision estimating software
Claim Components
Our component-based software, combined with diagnostic and transformational offerings and implementation services, enable Property and Casualty Insurers to improve claims effectiveness...
Claim Software
Quick Internet Software Solutions (QISS) Internet-based applications service provider (ASP) for the insurance industry. Custom claim management software, crystal reports design, powerful on-line tools.
Powerful web based claims management software that helps you keep track of claims, store documents and manage suppliers. An all-in-one claims management system for innovative companies who like to stay ahead of the competition.
Claims Workstation
Claims Management that Improves Customer Satisfaction and Reduces Expenses
ClaimsAssure is a web-based claims system developed and refined by insurance claims adjusters and administrators to handle the often intensely complex but repetitive “chores” of assembling...
ClickClaims Web-Based Claims Management System
C2Trak is an award-winning application, with a comprehensive set of features that automate and improve insurance claims management – from assignment and setup to invoicing and payroll, C2Trak facilitates and expedites the entire claim process.
Corporate Systems
DAVID Corporation
DAVID Corporation’s NavRisk® software suite is designed in partnership with our clients to solve the problems encountered by workers’ compensation, insurance and risk management professionals.
DDS (Digital Documentation Systems)
DryStandard Software
Decision analysis tool for judging the pre-loss condition of building material in flooded structures.
E Team: Internet-based Emergency & Event Management Software
E Team is an Internet-based workflow management application designed for emergency and event personnel. It allows Web-connected users to enter and access standardized reports, requests, and directives; view and edit annotated maps; and access common
E-Claim provides Internet based services for property and casualty claim handlers.
Employee Claims Management Software
Software for claims management of workers compensation. Occupational injury software including case management, OSHA incident reporting, claim management, risk management and more.
Giannotti Technical Services
Giannotti Technical Services provides GPS/GIS data collection for fast and accurate emergency assesment,and planning.Services include:Property inventory,Addressing,Emergency Services Response Maps,Utility Location Maps,Data Set Creation Interpolation

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