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DynaClaim Websites for the Claims IndustryIt goes without saying that companies need websites to do business in the 21st Century. And there are a daunting number of options available...the kid down the street who has a knack for building websites. The local web design agency that uses flash extensively and charge five figures. The DIY sites that claim to let you build your website online in minutes. These are all viable options. But if you're in the Claims Industry or a vendor to this industry, we've got a much more sensible option...DynaClaim.

DynaClaim is a site building tool and Content Management System designed specifically for the Claims Industry. With DynaClaim your site is built quickly, cost-effectively, and can be integrated into the Claims Industry through Claims-Portal.com. You'll be amazed at the powerful tools built into your website, and how a DynaClaim web site helps you quickly grow your claims business.

DynaClaim is run by former claims professionals and web development experts. And it's built specifically for the Claims Industry.

Just mention that you saw this ad and we'll take 25% off the template design costs! This offer is good throughout December, 2011.

Contact DynaClaim for more information.

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