Audience Profile - Who Visits does not require membership, but certain features do require registration. Registered members can optionally include their profile in the CP Member Directory. This member directory illustrates the occupational diversity of our registered members, which is representative of our average visitor profile. While the great majority of our visitors are located within the USA, we regularly receive international visitors. Nearly all visitors are claims professionals, both property and casualty oriented. Many are attorneys, engineers, and other claims experts. Site Statistics
Site URL:
Site Launch Date: May 2000
Monthly Visitors: 4,000+
Monthly Page Views: 14,000+
Average Page Views per Day 472
Most Visited Area: Vendor Directory

Source: Google Analytics, November, 2011 Member Statistics
# of Members: 8051
Member Occupations
Appraiser (Property, Real Estate, Vehicle) 11.84%
Building Contractor 2.57%
Claims - Business Owner 3.82%
Claims - Casualty Adjuster 8.52%
Claims - Executive Level 2.58%
Claims - Multi-Line Adjuster 15.30%
Claims - Other 4.82%
Claims - Property Adjuster 17.65%
Claims - Public Adjuster 1.33%
Claims - Risk Management .92%
Claims - Subrogation .40%
Claims - Supervisor/Manager 4.57%
Claims - Support .91%
Claims - TPA 1.1%
Cleaning & Restoration 2.43%
Employment Recruiter .85%
Expert (Accident Reconstruction, Architect, Cause & Origin, Coverage, CPA, Engineer, Medical/Health, Other, Risk Consultant) 4.45%
Fraud (Business Owner/Exec., Certified Investigator, Private Inv., Special Inv. Supervisor/Managerial) 2.64%
Human Resources .66%
Information Technology 2.32%
Legal (Attorney, Defense Attorney, Plaintiff Attorney, Paralegal, Other) 2.19%
Marine Surveyor .29%
Other or Not Provided 10.47%
Property Replacement Services .29%
Safety/Loss Control .42%
Temporary Housing .22%

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