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May 28, 2023    
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  Aspose.Total for .NET Case Study

About, LLC

E-Claim is a premier provider of internet-based insurance claims management solutions. Serving our clients by solving their problems is why we exist. Providing better claims management through better technology equals better business partnerships.


A new customer wanted a way to replace the mail merge fields in their extensive library of pre-existing Microsoft Word documents with the data fields in our application. We looked at our existing suite of third-party libraries currently integrated with our applications and none were able to provide this functionality.

We started looking at several vendors but kept returning to the Aspose family of libraries because they offered a .NET API to quickly and easily integrate Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge feature with our own application’s data fields. Aspose has allowed us to give our clients the option of using their own Microsoft Word templates to create letters, forms, and emails that can draw data from our application’s data in real time. Our clients can integrate their own workflows and existing documents into our application to streamline their entire process. All of this makes their experience using our application as smooth, quick, and easy as possible.

Other major requirements in our selection process was the API must not require Microsoft Office applications installed on the machine, it must perform well under heavy user load, and it must have a comprehensive library for file format processing – such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Email, and PDF – and wide suite of utilities. This allows us to use a single common library instead of relying on a separate third-party libraries for various file formats.


In our C# solution, the developer simply created three methods leveraging Aspose.Words – one to retrieve all replacement fields using regex, another to replace those fields with our application’s data, and finally merge them together into the final document to save. In all this took the developer less than 50 lines of code to have a fully functional reusable class to perform mail merges.

Figure 1: Sample of a Word document with mail merge fields

Figure 2: Sample of a Word document with mail merge fields automatically populated


Aspose’s support throughout our implementation of their libraries was excellent, with quick, helpful responses whenever we had concerns or issues. Their sales and marketing department was always courteous and pleasant to work with, and even worked with us through our trial period to ensure that we could finish developing and testing our implementation before committing. This has been a huge help in getting our new features out to clients and is something we really look for in our suppliers.

Where other products had issues maintaining formatting, handling edge cases, or weren’t even compatible with our code base, Aspose.Total for .NET worked flawlessly out of the box. It made the whole process very simple for us to implement, even for complex use cases required by our application. In addition to being easy to use, it also provides a large toolbox for us to work with moving forward. We will be working with our users to implement new PDF, Excel, and Word features to help them work even more efficiently, such as PDF merging/bundling, Excel data imports and visualization, and Email building.

Next Steps
We plan on leveraging Aspose.Total for .NET to handle more mail merge features of other Microsoft Office products as well as conversion of file formats such as RTF to PDF, DOCX, etc.


Our client is very happy we were able to quickly deliver a solution to their problem. Overall, we are very happy with Aspose’s product and support team so far and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for integrations with Microsoft Office applications and other common file formats. We look forward to leveraging more features from this extensive library and to see what great new features they will add in the future.

Please visit the Aspose website here: Aspose

   Contact Info:  
Name: Robert Banks

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