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Feb 07, 2023    
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Week Two Mentoring Tips

I'm often asked to give Claim Career Coach services to newly licensed adjusters who just do not know which direction to take on their roadmap to getting their first employment assignment.

There are so many options available:

Do you want to specialize as a Property or a Liability adjuster?

Do you prefer a variety of claims..known as multi-line adjusting?

Do you prefer handling Auto or Homeowner claims?

What are the advantages of working as a staff adjuster or as an Independent?

What are the expectations of a new adjuster on their first cat assignment as an Independent?

Why should you consider in office assignments when your beginning your career?

These are just some examples of the questions everyone starting in this business should ask themselves. If you don't have a good mentor, you should consider joint mentoring such as that at where you can get questions in a group forum OR other options such as a Career Claims Coach(see my ad here on if you prefer time devoted just to your specific circumstances. A career coach can save you valuable hard earned dollars I see many wasting away at schools that won't help them be selected anymore than the next trainee while other schools which offer continuing education credits you need to maintain your license may do much to advance your career. Career Coaching can also help you understand the differences in Staff adjusting, Independent adjusting, the advantages of field versus in office adjusting, opportunities available handling claims for Carrier preferred contractors, and how your qualifications would best meet the duties of each type of assignment.

There is alot of help out here in the field if you just make a small investment in your future!

I'll give you a great example from our claims mentoring program. We had a new adjuster with prior Marine technician and engine repair experience that had a vast background in boatowners damage investigation. He had NO IDEA that there was a big need for Boatowners/Marine adjusters and he has jumped from a trainee adjuster/mentee status to the head of our Boatowners Forum in our mentoring group teaching us all about fiberglass and engine repairs! Through spending a little time with him, we were able to pull out of his background the best match for him in the Claim industry much to his success!

Won't you spend some time investing in yourself and really take a strong look and identify your strengths and weaknesses and let a good mentor in your life help you determine what best meets your background, finances, and interests so you are happy in your new career selection as an adjuster?

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 26, 2006 14:57:39 CDT by Dimechimes
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