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Feb 07, 2023    
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Mentoring- First Tip of the Week for my Blog!

Below is a copy of one of the articles I wrote and posted on our e-mentoring site for new adjusters. Some additional things I've noted lately, are "team" resumes coming in combining the experience level of ALL of the adjusters on the cat team although they all want files assigned individually. I have yet to have a carrier, Independent firm, or preferred contractor accept "joint team" resumes. In fact, just one that comes to mind last week included two folks who had never worked  field claims before..thank goodness we caught it before it was sent on for consideration! The heavy storm seasons of the past two years doesn't change the rules on what employers are looking for which is details about YOU to consider for employment/deployment opportunities so let YOUR experience shine!
Resume Tips for Adjusters

Resume Tips for Adjusters applying:

1) Always be sure to include your email address/mailing address on your resume. Most firms are communicating and needing to send you fee schedules, etc for consideration. Probably 1/3 that I receive do not have an email and many times not even a mailing address.I get many rejections on email addresses daily that are double
checked and the email address is no longer valid.

2)Be sure to post an alternative number such as your cell phone. We have received resumes with no contact information at all.

3)Should you be requested to fill out an online form,the data will many times be transferred into a data base to quickly assess skills of all applicants when a firm is looking for experienced applicants.Comments in blocks which say "see resume" in data fields entirely defeats the purpose and you may
get lost in the electronic shuffle when firms are trying to quickly activate people. The online form is designed to provide a quick overview and the details of the resume uploaded to the online form will be viewed in more detail a second time when making activation/selection decisions for more details.

4)Think about the email address you are using on resumes. While it is most humorous to read them all, how professional will it look to a carrier or an insured
if you give it out when it says "".
(this is not one I received so I hope I haven't offended anyone if it's a valid address!)

5)If you write a recruiter with a general question,it is most helpful to attach your resume. It is hard to respond to questions when you have no details about the writer. They can better assist you.

6)Spell check..I'm bad about this sometimes myself in
rush of activating people, but I can't submit a resume to a carrier for consideration that is full of errors.
Remember they are looking at it from the standpoint that you will be doing reports for them on claims and
they will not think you are capable if your resume is
full of mistakes.

7) Watch copied phrases as your title. I received 3 alone yesterday that all were titled the exact same thing.I'm wondering if this is a formatted resume they are just copying off a site or friend. This isn't significant but it doesn't make an applicant stand out from others if many all have the same exciting header caption!

8) Be sure to include details of your claims history, training, number and type of files, carrier specific certifications, estimatic software you have training or experience working claims with, the names of the Independent firms you have worked for and the carriers you have experience working claims for.If your new...have you worked as a catastrophe assistant and if so how many files did you work jointly? The names of the cats and locations? Can they provide you with a recommendation?

9) Do you have any special skills which will make you stand out above the crowd? Billingual? Steep/two story climbing experience? Trainer/Reinspector skills? These may just get you selected over and above the many others applying!

10) References available on request comments? You bet they want them and at a time of cat, they need all of your info upfront- if you have listed yours on your resume, guess who is going to the top of the call list? Yes..those with all information already available! No one has the time to call you back and get that info if there are plenty of good folks available who supplied that info upfront that they can rapidly verify and activate you!

11) Alot of resumes include list of equipment " Adjusters license-will travel-have RV, laptop, ladder...etc... I have yet to be asked by anyone looking for staffing what equipment or travel method you will be using..give them the info above they do need and leave out these unnecessary details.

I hope this helps some of the trainees and any others interested take a minute to reflect on the impression they are making and to make sure you aren't being overlooked when firms and recruiters are looking through hundreds of resumes!

By: Dimechimes Corporation -Deborah K Ward, AIC, IIA
      Claim Staffing(Cat/Daily)
     All rights reserved..copyright 2005/2006..Email if permission
     desired to reprint this.
Posted on Tuesday, Apr 18, 2006 09:51:25 CDT by Dimechimes
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RE: Mentoring- First Tip of the Week for my Blog!
good information. and will use it. I have a question, i did many years in a small p/l agency and landed a job with fema as the insurance claims expert(i only have limited small claims, i sold insurance my guess is no one else applied) i will have soon 6 months here, and have been told that i should work outside fema and come back as a contractor. what advice and companies would hire a guy like me with limited claims experience(very limited) but experience with working with FEMA in the insurance dept. for Public Assistance.? thank you for a rely. ron branch
Posted on Friday, Feb 09, 2007  09:10:36 CST by claimnewbe

RE: Mentoring- First Tip of the Week for my Blog!
Heck with the R.V., from the look of things, I'm going with a houseboat.
Posted on Friday, Aug 25, 2006  14:46:29 CDT by Risky1

RE: Mentoring- First Tip of the Week for my Blog!
Now you have me laughing! I'd like a nice Rv myself!
Posted on Thursday, May 04, 2006  17:09:01 CDT by Dimechimes

RE: Mentoring- First Tip of the Week for my Blog!
Good advice well taken but if i was lucky enough to have an RV, I would brag about it.
Posted on Sunday, Apr 30, 2006  10:50:49 PDT by JoeW

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