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Jan 26, 2023    
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Blogs Home >> Claim Mentoring new Adjusters >> 'Where did our mentoring time go? What's going on this fall in mentoring!'
Where did our mentoring time go? What's going on this fall in mentoring!

I am amazed so many months have passed since starting this blog!

It has been most interesting this past quarter assisting and mentoring new adjusters...all "trained up", "stocked up" and no place to go. Many of the newly licensed adjusters we work with took their licensing exams in hopes of working the 2006 Catastrophe season this year. I have folks who literally have spent thousands attending vendor schools as required to be placed on many firm's storm rosters as well as classes they took for carrier certification courses and estimatic classes.

This is a tough year to keep them motivated to stay the course in their quest to begin their claim careers. To encourage them to achieve their goal, we have been posting every staff position we can locate, redesigning their resumes geared to the claim positions in general versus catastrophe and have begun training them on other opportunities they may wish to puruse in workers comp, PIP, Auto claims, daily claims, bond claims, cargo losses,etc...

Do you have any motivating tips you can add to this to help us keep these new folks geared up and applying for new positions out there? It is actually amazing what we are finding when we search nationwide for trainee jobs such as a recent posting which had 94 openings when you searched for Claim Trainees on a Progressive site recently. The opportunities are now depends on you to steer the course..take your Associates in Claims course for your designation through, cross train with experienced adjusters, take some soft skill courses in interviewing and statement techniques...don't take your eye off the ball..and look for new sources regularly!

We located one new site today I'd never noted previously so there are new firms looking regularly for new claim adjusters!

Posted on Thursday, Oct 12, 2006 22:20:36 CDT by Dimechimes
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