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Dec 07, 2022    
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10 days out...

The real work is copying over all site content and building the new features for Should this have all been done prior to launch? Probably, and in an ideal situation it would have. However, for many reasons, it just wasn't possible to get it all done in time - Katrina is just one... Although it's been 7 months since she came our way, I'm figuring it will be a full 12 months (at least) before I am "caught up", which is not the same as "back to normal" - that will be a few years, at least. I am, however, looking forward to getting much of new site developed this coming week, and now that the launch is behind us, I should have the opportunity.

It's been about 10 days since we relaunched No major problems, but a good, full 10 days of fixing minor problems, including this blogging tool. This week I'll start soliciting a few folks to start a blog of their own, and we'll see if we can get this new feature rolling.

Google has not spidered the new site yet. This is the process through which the search engines "crawl" through a web site, looking for those things that each search engine uses to determine that site's ranking. Prior to the relaunch, CP was ranked #2 on page #1 of Google for "insurance claim", the result of over 3 year's efforts in learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and applying same to this portal. It's quite a challenge to get any site to page 1 on Google, especially for the most relevant keyword phrases. I'm very proud to have CP ranked so highly, with equal rankings for several other key phrases, including:

claims jobs
claims training
claims vendors
independent adjusters
and many more...

Achieving this high rank has been key to the site's success and has been an extremely effective and economical advertising and marketing resource, not only for this site, but for many of our clients. We can often take a site that has very poor ranking and in just a few weeks, get the company listed on page 1 or 2, for their relevant keywords - that's powerful!

I anxiously await the results from Google's first run through our new site. I am expecting an initial drop to page 2-3. Then, as Google "learns" our new layout and site structure, we'll quickly regain our top positioning in not only a few important areas, but every single keyword phrase that is relevant to the claims industry. This goal was one of the fundamental reasons we relaunched CP. The entire site was coded with search engines in mind - we shall soon see how well our efforts for the past 2 years will pay off.

Most people don't realize the importance of SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but if you have a web site, you should. The "If you build it, they will come" saying simply does not apply to web sites and couldn't be further from the truth. Visitors must be delivered to a web site, and there's no better way of doing that than through search engines. Search engines are responsible for roughly 90% of all web site traffic, and Google dominates the majors. Some experts estimate that as much as 70% of all web site traffic comes from Google. Get the picture yet?

Optimizing your web site takes some time, some knowledge, and some patience, but the rewards are handsome. For less (money and time) than the cost of exhibiting at just one trade show each year, you should be able to get some pretty good results. And, with a little continuing effort, those results will get better with time and will continue delivering prospective clients to your doorstep, long after the trade show brochures have been thrown out.

More to come. Good night for now...


A recent survey conducted by UK-based online marketing firm, Harvest Digital (reg. req.), shows that Google is almost universally recognized as the UK's leading search engine. (When thinking about North American search engine usage, similar results are assumed to be a somewhat safe assumption.)

When asked, "What search engine do you use?" 94% of respondents said Google. 40% said they used Yahoo, 39% said Ask Jeeves and 37% said MSN

Posted on Sunday, Apr 09, 2006 09:01:43 CDT by Webmaster
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