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Dec 04, 2022    
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My First Blog Article

As I make this first entry, the clock appproaches midnight. My work day won't be over for a few hours, and I'm really just making this first entry to take a break from the remaining grunt work for today.

We're relaunching tomorrow (March 23 2006) and tonight I'm writing content and checking out the many added features of our new portal software, one of which is this blog module. I've never maintained my own blog, but I have read one or two, and blogging certainly seems to be the thing to do these days.

I'm curious as to how many adjusters and other claims professionals will participate and as to where this will lead. For me, this blog will provide an avenue through which I can chronicle my work on this web portal and the many other services we offer - for the interest of others and also as somewhat of a diary for myself. It will also allow me to hopefully share some of my experiences both as a claims adjuster and as an applications developer, to keep readers apprised of our services, and hopefully to share some of my excitement about the future of claims handling.

By the way, the picture in the profile is of my two sons, William (5 1/2) and Walker (6 weeks). They are the real joys in my life and make the long days worthwhile. I hear Walker crying now, so I'll go check on him and get back to this posting soon.

Posted on Thursday, Mar 23, 2006 07:30:20 CST by Webmaster
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RE: My First Blog Article
I just read your "first blog article"-- as my first "blog"--I'd heard the term --but wasn't sure-- how it worked--so I had to respond. please note--I'm job hunting and came across your sight-- I've been away from claims for 10 years--but prior had 17 years experience... so I plan to use your web site-- to help me out... also congratualations on the new family member--actually--I have to say--I left claims to be able to work in a less competitive and stressful environment and raise my daughter who was in 3rd grade... she just graduated from high school and is now planning to go to college--so guess maybe I can try to see if claims is for me again.... I'll be watching you sight with interest... cj in Iowa
Posted on Tuesday, Jun 27, 2006  10:45:40 CDT by cj

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