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PAIIA Publisher Accounts

The Pennsylvania Association Of Independent Insurance Adjusters

All member locations will be listed in the PAIIA Member Directory with the following details: company and location name, complete address, contact name and title, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, web site, and an interactive map.

For $125/year (plus $20/yr. for each branch location) members can setup a Publishing Account. This adds several features to your display page, including:

  • Detailed Company Description (history, training & CE requirements, etc.)
  • Company Logo or other graphic
  • Detailed listings of all services, by location
  • Links between all branch office listings
  • Publishing of unlimited events, announcements, newsletters, etc.
  • HR Account Manager - post jobs & accept resumes' online

Publishing Accounts allow members to add, edit, and delete these items 24/7 from any computer - when, where, and as often as you want!

Also, for just $50/year/assignment type (property, casualty, vehicle appraisal, surveillance), E-Claim will add online claim assignment forms to your company details page, so clients can make online assignments direct to your company, through the association web site! E-Claim will also provide the code for adding these same forms to your company web site, at no additional cost.

To view a sample Publisher Account, please Click Here

To setup your Publishing Account and online assignment forms, Click Here.

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