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Key Risk Introduces PremiumSync™
GREENSBORO, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Key Risk, a leading provider of workers compensation insurance products and services for employers throughout the Eastern United States, today announced the introduction of PremiumSync, an automated payment solution designed to calculate workers compensation premium against the actual payroll reported by an employer. PremiumSync offers Key Risk policyholders the benefits of improved cash flow management, a streamlined audit process and the convenience of making premium payments automatically and over time.

“PremiumSync was developed to provide our policyholders with a simplified option for administering their workers compensation program,” said Rob Standen, president of Key Risk. “By using an automated payment solution, employers will be able to make premium payments at the same time that they pay their employees. With this payment option their premium is calculated in real-time against their actual payroll.”

“We realize the importance of technology and continuously enhance our service platforms to support the needs of today’s highly automated marketplace. We are excited to offer PremiumSync to policyholders as a resource and additional payment option,” Standen added. “At Key Risk we are committed to delivering better outcomes to our agents and their clients.”

Developed with the input of independent agents and clients, PremiumSync is available online via MasterKey Connects™, a proprietary risk information platform provided by Key Risk.

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